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Chris Lubasch

#1 Data-Driven Brand Marketing | Robert Ermich

2021-04-20 45 min

Description & Show Notes

For the first episode, I interview and talk with Robert Ermich about DATA-DRIVEN BRAND MARKETING. It's pretty amazing that after many years in this industry, data-driven brand marketing - that is measuring and analyzing brand marketing effects - is nowhere near as prominent as it should be, looking at all the millions that companies spend on branding every year.

Moreover, it often feels like there are two separate islands in marketing: branding and performance marketing. Can both worlds be connected? We've heard and used multi-touch attribution modeling on the performance side, but what about everything else in the customer journey? What impact does brand marketing have on your business outcome? We'll dig deeper into questions like these.

  • Where Robert and I met: https://www.rocket-internet.com
  • Connect with Robert: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertermich/
  • DeinHandy Website: https://www.deinhandy.de
  • OnTruck Website: https://www.ontruck.eu


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