Disrupt Your Data - Podcast

Chris Lubasch
#3 The Future of Customer Journey Analytics

2021-07-23 67 min

ABOUT THIS EPISODE In this episode, I will talk to Yali Sassoon - the co-founder of Snowplow Analytics - about the Future of Customer Journey Analytics. Understanding their customers is a key desire of companies, whether in marketing, product or another context. Yet, for most brands, it remains challenging. Why is that? How can we overcome these challenges? What‘s the benefit of doing so? The world of customer journey tracking and analytics is at an exciting turning point. Many would say it‘s a big unknown future ahead, which is limiting our customer understanding. However, I see it as a big opportunity that comes with the necessity to change and adapt. From years of „let‘s track and analyze everything we can“, to digitally naked and exposed users - finally, personal data privacy and fit-for-purpose analytics will take over. What will the Future of Customer Journey Analytics look like? How will legislation (like GDPR etc.), ITP, and all other sorts of tracking prevention techniques shape it? But most importantly: What can I do as a company to stay ahead of the competition and not get lost? Yali is the co-founder of Snowplow, the „behavioral data platform“. Clients use Snowplow for different reasons, from having a fully controlled Google Analytics alternative to building their own data pipeline in-house to empowering advanced data use cases. It‘s also the third most-used web analytics tracker worldwide, so Yali and his colleagues are real experts when it comes to understanding and analyzing customer behavior (way beyond web analytics). I‘ve seen and built many business ...
#2 Building a Single Source of Truth - Holy Grail or Overrated?

2021-06-24 62 min

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Many companies who seek to become more data-driven have it on their target list: Building a "Single Source of Truth". That's a term coined in the world of business intelligence, which has the idea to bring all data analysis and insights together in one place, or one system. It's the exact opposite of the situation lots of companies still phase: having data silos all over the place, that limit their ability to connect and integrate data for holistic decisions. Is such a Single Source of Truth the Holy Grail for business analytics or data democratization? Or is it just overrated? Maybe we should ask, is it even realistic to achieve - and how? I will talk with Nate Spohn, VP EMEA at Fivetran - a solution that puts all your data integration efforts on autopilot. Fivetran is a YCombinator alumnus, backed by Andreessen Horowitz and other leading investors, and valued >$1.2B. Fivetran helps companies to build modern data stacks and solutions, so I'm sure Nate can share valuable insights from their client base.
#1 Data-Driven Brand Marketing | Robert Ermich

2021-04-20 45 min

ABOUT THIS EPISODE For the first episode, I interview and talk with Robert Ermich about DATA-DRIVEN BRAND MARKETING. It's pretty amazing that after many years in this industry, data-driven brand marketing - that is measuring and analyzing brand marketing effects - is nowhere near as prominent as it should be, looking at all the millions that companies spend on branding every year. Moreover, it often feels like there are two separate islands in marketing: branding and performance marketing. Can both worlds be connected? We've heard and used multi-touch attribution modeling on the performance side, but what about everything else in the customer journey? What impact does brand marketing have on your business outcome? We'll dig deeper into questions like these.
See what you will find in this podcast

2021-04-09 3 min

DISRUPT YOUR DATA | The Data Leadership Podcast for business leaders ABOUT THIS TRAILER In this trailer, I talk about the Why? behind the podcast and give several examples of topics we will discuss. If you're new to this podcast, make sure to tune in. ABOUT THE PODCAST “Stop talking about it, start having an impact with data”, that’s the mantra of this podcast. While many companies have invested in data, analytics & AI over the last years, most of them yet only see a limited business impact.  The reasons are numerous, ranging from a missing overall data strategy to technical difficulties or challenges in establishing a data-driven company culture. Too many silos, too much data, too little insights. Hiring 10 data scientists, or solving everything with artificial intelligence, also doesn't do the trick. It’s time to disrupt your data & analytics programs to create true commercial outcomes! In this podcast, we'll interview outstanding guests who share valuable learnings and their secret sauce to foster digital business success with data. They won't necessarily be data experts, but have proven a commercial impact with data in one way or the other - so you can do that, too. Further, we’ll talk about learnings from many years of data consulting projects, for business leaders in companies such as Zalando, Deutsche Bank, Douglas, Lufthansa, Google, Samsung, ERGO Insurance Group, and more. This podcast is targeted at business leaders, who want to grow faster and create a real impact with Data, Analytics & AI. Whether you’re an executive, leading a department, or ...