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Chris Lubasch

#2 Building a Single Source of Truth - Holy Grail or Overrated?

2021-06-24 62 min

Description & Show Notes

Many companies who seek to become more data-driven have it on their target list: Building a "Single Source of Truth". That's a term coined in the world of business intelligence, which has the idea to bring all data analysis and insights together in one place, or one system.

It's the exact opposite of the situation lots of companies still phase: having data silos all over the place, that limit their ability to connect and integrate data for holistic decisions.

Is such a Single Source of Truth the Holy Grail for business analytics or data democratization? Or is it just overrated? Maybe we should ask, is it even realistic to achieve - and how?

I will talk with Nate Spohn, VP EMEA at Fivetran - a solution that puts all your data integration efforts on autopilot. Fivetran is a YCombinator alumnus, backed by Andreessen Horowitz and other leading investors, and valued >$1.2B. Fivetran helps companies to build modern data stacks and solutions, so I'm sure Nate can share valuable insights from their client base.


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